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Factors that might affect the severity of drug charges

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2023 | Criminal Defense

It may come as no surprise that a conviction for drug charges carries serious penalties that could affect various aspects of your life. However, if police arrest you on suspicion of involvement in drug-related activity, you might not be fully aware of the factors that could influence the severity of your situation.

There are numerous types of factors that could play a role in determining the severity of drug charges. Addressing such topics may be integral to helping you understand what is at stake and to helping you prepare to seek advice on the best course of action to take to safeguard your future interests.

Factors to address

Being accused of involvement in drug-related activity can be daunting in nature, and there are a variety of factors that could influence the severity of the charges against you, some of which may include:

  • Type of charge: The severity of your situation may hinge on the type of charges you face. A conviction for manufacturing or distributing drugs may carry steeper penalties than simple possession.
  • Type of drug: The type of drug involved may also be a vital aspect of this process. For instance, the penalties for possession or distribution may be higher when pertaining to substances such as heroin and cocaine.
  • Amount of drugs: Experts also indicate that the penalties of a conviction for drug charges may also vary, depending on the amount and weight of the drugs involved.
  • Previous convictions: Another factor that may influence the severity of your situation could pertain to whether you have previous drug convictions on record. Penalties may increase with each successive offense.

Seeking advice in addressing Minnesota state drug laws could be vital to helping you prepare to make informed choices about your case, as these laws may have a significant influence over how the process will unfold.

Facing drug charges

Facing drug charges can be harrowing under any situation, and you might be uncertain of what steps you can take to prepare for the subsequent process. With numerous topics to consider, it could be in your best interests to consult with someone who has intricate knowledge of such matters. This may help provide you with much-needed insight on all your legal rights and available options and help you prepare a strategy for subsequent court proceedings that best aligns with your future interests.