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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding DWI’s

If you are facing a DUI charge, it is imperative that you seek experienced counsel. Navarro Law Firm PLLC has represented clients throughout Minnesota for several years and understands the legal consequences and how they could impact your career, personal life, and pocketbook.

After reading through the list of frequently asked questions below, schedule a consultation to learn how he can help those facing criminal charges. There is a strict time limit when it comes to challenging a charge. You can reach Dom’s office in Rochester at 507-923-2190 or email him by clicking here.

Do you lose your license immediately after a DWI charge in Minnesota?

You will typically lose your license after seven days from the arrest, but the period of revocation will depend on your specific case.  For example, a first-time offender could face revocation for up to 90 days but if your blood alcohol content (BAC) was .16% or more, it could be for up to one year.

How much does a DWI in Minnesota cost?

The minimum fine is $1,000. However, there could be many other costs associated with a DWI. For example, aside from fines and court costs, there could be driver’s license reinstatement fees, fees associated with chemical dependency evaluations, or towing and impound fees..  It is also possible to lose your vehicle after a DWI charge.

What happens with your first DWI in Minnesota?

The legal driving limit is 0.08. Drivers can be arrested for lower levels if there are other circumstances involved. Typically, you will face criminal and civil sanctions with any DWI charge.

Will I go to jail for my first DWI?

Each case is different, but it is possible that you serve some jail time when arrested for a first DWI.