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For Business And Civil Matters, An Experienced Attorney Is Crucial

Civil litigation cases involve at least two competing parties, whether individuals or businesses, and include a number of different types of legal disputes, whether relating to business, employment, real estate, farmlands, contracts, or wills and estates. In any of these situations, it is crucial that you have an experienced attorney by your side.

For years, Dom has represented clients throughout Minnesota in various civil suits, so he appreciates the significance the outcome could have on a client’s pocket-book, business, family farm, or legacy  These types of cases should not be viewed lightly.

The Importance Of A Strong Litigator

Regardless of the type of case or the motives of an opposing party, it is important to hire a strong litigator who understands the procedural hurdles and who will create a strategy that will produce the best possible results for you and your specific objectives. Dom will always try to resolve things amicably but understands that the final arbiter may be a judge or jury, so he prepares each case accordingly.

As a former entrepreneur, business major, and business instructor, business-related issues are common cases that Dom handles. From oral or written contract disputes to real estate matters, Dom understands that the outcome could drastically impact your bottom line. Therefore, Dom takes the time to explain and explore all of your available options to find the best outcome to meet your goals and objectives, which takes some creativity, at times.

Don’t Wait To Schedule A Meeting

In these cases, it is important that you act quickly. The legal system can move fast, which means seeking legal counsel sooner rather than later is the smartest move you can make. To schedule a consultation, call his office in Rochester at 507-923-2190. Or, you can fill out this online contact form.