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When might an altercation lead to aggravated assault charges?

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2023 | Criminal Defense

There could be a variety of scenarios in which something that starts out as a heated verbal dispute could grow out of hand and turn physical in nature. While the idea of being involved in a physical altercation can be stressful enough as is, you might not always find it easy or possible to avoid such an outcome. 

Should the incident leave you accused of assault, you might have questions about how the outcome of the situation might affect your life. There may also be certain situations in which an altercation could lead to allegations of aggravated assault, and facing similar charges can be a stressful and daunting process. 

Possible factors in aggravated assault 

The penalties of a conviction for assault may increase in severity when assault charges are upgraded to aggravated assault. Some scenarios in which you might stand accused of such offenses may include: 

  • Use of a weapon: Experts indicate that the court may upgrade assault charges to aggravated assault if you stand accused of using a deadly weapon. This may still be the case even if the other party does not suffer severe harm in the process. 
  • Presence of intent: Authorities may also choose to pursue aggravated assault charges if they believe you carried out an assault with the intention of causing the other party severe harm. 
  • Severe injuries: The nature of the injuries the other person suffers during an assault may also influence the severity of assault charges. Allegations of aggravated assault may be more likely when there are serious injuries involved. 
  • The party involved: The severity of assault charges may also vary, depending on the parties involved. For instance, charges may increase in severity with attacks on parties such as an elderly person or a pregnant woman. 

Seeking advice on Minnesota state laws regarding assault and aggravated assault may also be essential to helping you understand what to expect from the subsequent process. 

Facing aggravated assault charges 

If you stand accused of aggravated assault, you may face an understandable desire for answers on your options and on how best to approach the situation. Seeking advice on your legal rights and options may prove integral to helping you prepare to carefully evaluate your situation and make informed decisions about your case. Such a decision may help you better understand what is at stake and help you prepare to create a strategy for subsequent court proceedings that best aligns with your future interests.